Monday, December 13, 2010

Pictures That Make Me Smile

One of the gifts I’m making for the twins is a matching game with pictures of our family.  So today I went through all of our pics from this year, and I came across several that just made me smile!  Don’t get me wrong- I love all the kids pics, but sometimes you get some that are just a little extra special!


We took the kids bowling for the first time ever, and Hero never could bowl without his mouth open!  Most of the time his tongue was hanging out!


Sweetheart Girl had so much fun tossing leaves, and the delight on her face makes me smile :)


Twinkle has been the happiest baby, and every morning we woke up to this face (but maybe not this hair!).  She’s almost one year old now, so her grin has changed a bit, but she still always smiles at us in the morning!


Awesome McAwesome accepted Christ on Father’s Day this year.  I love this pic of my husband baptizing his 2nd son!


This was the Minions’ 2nd birthday, and I just love the mischivious grin on Minion 1’s face.  He’s wearing orange.


Come on, this one’s obvious!


Sweetheart Girl’s first time singing in Patch the Pirate Club.  Tell me she’s not the most adorable sailor ever!!


This one was taken about 4 hours after Minion 2 fell and knocked his tooth out of his mouth!  It’s a miserable story, but he’s a trooper!


Twinkle spent at least a month doing this constantly!


They’ve only done this twice!


This picture makes me smile because of the story behind it.


The ‘men’ were out chopping down a tree, and McAwesome didn’t want to help.  This is his pathetic ‘Please let me in’ look.  I didn’t let him in.


Sweetheart Girl loves her boots!


There’s a story behind this one, too, but suffice it to say, McAwesome wants a mustache ;)


Minion 1’s arm around Sweetheart Girl makes me smile a mile wide!


Because Daddy-man and I so rarely get a picture together…though neither of us actually like the way we look in this one…


On the other hand, I actually like the way I look in this one…if I could photoshop the red nose :o)

And, finally…


This one was taken on my hubby’s cell phone camera and is a bit blurry, but if I could be left with only one picture of Twinkle, this is the one I choose!  Daddy-man and I smile and laugh every time we look at this face!!

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