Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Gifts- Episode Five

Whew!  It’s almost midnight, but I just finished Twinkle’s gift so I’m just going to post real quickly!

Deciding what to do for her took forever!  The only easy thing I could come up with was a blanket, but I happen to know that a friend is giving her a blanket so she hardly needs another!

I almost just gave up and went to the store to buy her a toy, but instead…


Click here for this tutorial.  The dress is made from a thrifted pillowcase, and I used ribbon instead of the bias tape.  I recommend using the bias tape!!  The ribbon was a pain.


And click here for this one.  I’ve made a few hair bows before, and I’ve been anxious to try this one out.  So cute!  This site has a couple more that I want to try out later.

Now…what to do for her birthday one week after Christmas…

Alright, one more Christmas gift to go…that one depends a bit on the hubby and he’s been incredibly busy, so I have a feeling it’ll end up being pretty last minute ;)

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