Thursday, February 17, 2011

Midwives and OBs

Well, I called Tucson’s Birth Center (staffed by midwives) to make my first appointment.  I’m a little nervous about the change, but the lady was so nice on the phone, and she immediately started in with the ‘healthy pregnancy’ stuff.  You know, no drinking, no smoking, eat healthy, take your vitamins, and the like.  Not that I didn’t hear the same things from my previous doctor’s office, but never on the phone when making my first appointment.

Supposedly, the level and type of care will be very different with midwives in a birth center than with an obstetrician in an office.  We’ll see.

I LOVED my OB.  Very rarely do I click with anyone upon first meeting, but I did with her.  She has been with me through all six of my children’s pregnancies and births, with the exception of my Twinkle, who came so fast, the nurses caught her!  I’ve had good experiences in the hospital, and I’m so sad to leave her.  Why am I leaving?

Well, ironically enough, it’s because of her nurse-midwife!  I see her just as much throughout the pregnancy because she and my doc switch off on appointments until the very end, where the doc takes over complete care.  I’ve never particularly enjoyed her, but there was never any real reason for that.  I always thought she was a bit aloof and rough with her exams, but it wasn’t so bad because I got along so famously with my doc!

And then, my last six-week check-up happened.  Without going into detail, she made her opinions about our ‘reproductive habits’ abundantly clear (including loud sighing and dropping her head when I declined the Pill), to the point that I was sobbing all the way home!  I wish I had a bit more backbone and could have been a bit more firm with her.  It’s so funny because midwives are supposed to be so much more caring and natural about the whole thing.  Actually, my doctor was the one that told me it wasn’t her job to tell me how many children to have, she was just there to deliver them and help to ensure we all came out of it healthy.

So my husband and I discussed it, and he told me to do whatever I was comfortable with.  I know I can’t see that midwife anymore, whether I said something to her or not, and obviously, my OB can’t change her whole practice just for me so I’m leaving her.  And I’m sad.

At the same time, I’m excited for the new experience!  I’m curious as to how they will want to deal with a VBAC (I’ve already had one successfully, but AZ can be a tricky state when it comes to VBACs).  The birth center is way in town, so I hope I don’t have a speedy labor during rush hour!  It’s two minutes away from the hospital (a different hospital than the one I’ve gone to), and I have a feeling that because of my VBAC situation, they’re still going to want me to deliver at the hospital.  We’ll see.

Well, I guess there’s no point in speculating any further!  I’ll find out soon enough!


  1. We live in Indiana and I had two VBA4C (babies #7 & #8) in a birthing center with CNMs. When I was pregnant with #9, the center had changed their policy and were no longer accepting VBACs. We had #9 and #10 at home with a Certified Professional Midwife (though they aren't legally recognized in Indiana). I was willing to do whatever it took to avoid an unnecessary cesarean.

    I hope you enjoy this experience and the personalized care you receive from the midwives!

  2. That's exciting! Nurse midwives and hospital midwives are NOTHING like midwives at a birth center or home. If I were to go to a hospital, I would choose an OB over a hospital midwife any day.

    I think you will enjoy the difference in care. How unbelievably tactless of the nurse midwife to treat you like that!

  3. @ Treasures from a shoebox,

    good for you! How awesome that you have been able to have VBACs, especially given the situation in IN. We lived in Northwest Indiana for three years, and it was hard finding a good midwife because of the legal situation. Congratulations!