Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Baby number 7 is on his way!!!!

We’re all super excited!  Hero was (very) momentarily speechless, and Awesome McAwesome jumped up and down clapping.  Sweetheart Girl immediately said she wanted a boy, which surprised me!  I haven’t really said anything specifically to Minion 1, Minion 2, or Twinkle because they don’t really understand :)

Finding out I’m pregnant while my husband is gone is something new, and I debated whether to wait till he returns to tell him.  However, he’s with his family right now, and I thought it might be special for him to be able to tell them in person! 

On top of that, my hubby said to spread the word!  He doesn’t like to keep this kind of news a secret!  Since I am not the ‘stand up and make a big announcement’ type, I figured the kids could do the job.  And boy, did they!!  On Sunday, McAwesome was meeting people at their cars to tell them that we’re gonna have a new baby!

And I love that the kids say We are going to have another baby!  True, mom and dad are having another baby, but we are a family, and welcoming a new life is something we do together

I’m right about 6 weeks along and feeling pretty good.  Definitely a good bit more tired, but normally by now I’m completely wiped out and praying for a spurt of energy so I can show my other kids some attention!  Considering I’m still without a husband for a few more days, I’m soooo thankful that I’m still feeling good!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting. So are you predicting a boy? ("... on HIS way...") My husband and kids are the same way, wanting to tell the world immediately.

    That is so sweet about your kids saying that you all are having another baby! I like that. It sounds much better than when people say "We are pregnant". Ahem, no, not unless you are the one feeling sick, looking for a bathroom constantly, and gaining all the weight. :)

    So happy for you! Seven sounds like SO MUCH! Did you have to go to the store with all the kids to buy a pregnancy test? I can only imagine the looks from the cashier if you did.

    Oh, that reminds me - I was at the store today and this woman in line, after confirming that the six kids were all mine, asked me (in a very patronizing voice), "So, are we going to stop?" We? Hm. I told her no, I liked the ones I had. Friendly, but nothing much they can say back to that.

  2. Congratulations on this wonderful news! It is so cool that you receive support from family and friends. Once our children are told, that's the END of the "secret" (lol).

  3. Zsuzsa- No, not predicting a boy, just trying to be grammatically correct :) Plus, I HATE saying 'it!' Yes, I took all the kids, but I went through the self check out! I did not want to open myself up to those kind of looks!

    When people ask if we're going to stop, I always say maybe we will when we get an ugly one. Normally, then they're obligated to throw a compliment the kids' way. Haha! Maybe not the most mature thing to say...

    Treasures- Thanks! I always get nervous when telling, but most people are supportive of us, and the others have learned it's pointless to say anything!

  4. They are all beautiful! You will never get an ugly one! As your best friend, I must say I never imagined you would have 7 children. However, they are all a precious gift from God and they all have a purpose in His will. Just so you know, next time around...just call me and I will go pick up the pregnancy test. :) No one will scrutinize me and if they do, I can just confidently say it isn't for me but for my best friend who has 7 kids already. HA! Now that would be a look!

  5. Shows how much I know about correct grammar. These homeschoolers, I tell ya!

    Why have I never thought of using the self checkout??? Thanks for the tip. Also, I love your reply, I'll have to remember that one.