Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Alone Ramblings

I'm home alone for the week!  As in, I'm the only adult around for the week- yes, I've still got the monkeys.  Daddy-man is away at Teen Camp, and I miss him already!  He goes away several times a year for camps, missions trips, special meetings, etc., and after (almost) 9 years of marriage, I still hate to see him go!  However, after (almost) 9 years of marriage, I've pretty much got the week handled!

Here's how we usually start the week:

Send off for Daddy-man, Spend the first day getting the house as spotless as possible (the kids don't enjoy this as much as I do, but it really makes the week go a lot smoother!), Shop for the week (I try to do this before Daddy-man leaves, but sometimes it just doesn't work out)

Then we make sure to get some good game time in.  Tonight we played LIFE and Mille Bornes.  I lost both miserably, and therefore challenged Hero to a Mille Borne rematch tomorrow. 

Normally, I would take the kids out on Tuesday because that's a good break for us, but tomorrow I have to wait for the AC guy to come and service the AC, so...not gonna happen :(  Sorry, kids.

Does anyone else save BIG projects for when the hubby is away?  For some reason, I do.  Normally, it's something like cleaning out all the closets or some organizational overhaul.  Sadly, I have so many things that I could do this time around that I don't even know where to begin!  I could seriously ignore my children all week in order to catch up.  Hmmm...still deciding what to do there.

I haven't forgotten my arts and crafts goal for the summer, but I don't think we're going to do anything fancy this week.

Thursday and Friday, I'm going to be watching our Youth Pastor's kids.  He and his wife are at the camp also, and her parents are watching them the first part of the week.  They have 4 about the ages of our kids, so they're gonna have a blast!  I'm going to have TEN children here, ages 7 and under, all by myself!!  This should be fun!  One of the ladies from church volunteered to bring us dinner Thursday night, so that will be a help (PHEW!).

Sorry for the ramblings, but it's after 9pm, and it just seems a little too quiet right now!

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