Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adding a Little Artsy-Fartsy Stuff to Our Days

Summer is in full swing, and boredom hasn't quite set in.  We haven't had time to be bored!  Awesome McAwesome probably thinks we should just live at church!  We've had several special meetings and conferences at various churches, we've been to dinner with friends a couple times, we've had relatives visiting, and this week is Vacation Bible School! 
VBS is held in the evenings at our church, so it leaves our days open.  I'm hoping to rev up our crafty-ness (not to be confused with our craftiness *evil laugh*).  I'm the type that has good intentions, I really want to get the kids involved in artsy things, but most of the time I think the mess isn't worth it.  Shame on me!  So I'm going to try this summer to do as many projects as I can before we get involved in the daily schooling grind.
Easing into this whole thing, I found these adorable little wood cut-outs at Michaels for $1.  Speaking of which, I discovered Michaels carries a lot of $1 items- I may never go to the cheapy dollar store again!
Hero- Working hard to get every spot
McAwesome- Stay in the lines!
Sweetheart Girl- Yes, marker got in her hair
And here are the finished products:
Ta-Da!!  Not too bad, and the kids really enjoyed it.
Now, granted, this is nothing more than coloring, which we already do, but it was a little extra special.  Tomorrow, we're going to work on a Father's Day gift for Daddy-man(shhhhhh), but since he reads this (honey, you didn't read this), I'll have to wait to post the results next week.

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