Saturday, January 12, 2013

Colorado Vacation Episode 1

After a VERY long day driving, we wanted to get right out the next morning and see some sights!  Of course, it was Christmas Eve so there wasn’t a whole lot open!

We decided to drive through the Air Force Academy.  It was a beautiful area in the winter and very large and spacious.


Air Force Chapel- famous for its tall spires


Minion 1 loved the jets!


The grandparents with (almost) all the kids


I haven’t seen my sister in a long time!

After that we met the rest of the family for a drive through the Garden of the Gods.  There were beautiful red rock formations similar to what we have in Sedona, AZ.


Dad with all of his kids!


Balanced Rock


Hero and McAwesome holding up Balanced Rock


Minion 1 and Minion 2 found a jungle gym

That evening we went to my brother’s house for pizza and games- none of which I won (but I’m not bitter).  The grandkids played together and before long we noticed that it had begun to snow!  So, of course, my kids had to go out and try to catch some snowflakes on their tongues!


Stay tuned for the next episode…

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  1. thanks for posting these. I cannot wait to see the rest :)