Thursday, November 18, 2010



Well, if you saw the pictures yesterday, you might be wondering what happened!!  On Tuesday at about 3pm, a couple of teenagers crashed into the brick wall that borders our back yard.  Poor kid is seventeen and without a license.  Busted! 

My guess is that he was speeding through the curve nearby and lost control.  It’s 25 mph (it’s a residential zone, people!), but people fly through there.  It’s downright dangerous at certain times of the day- teens and SUV moms are the worst offenders.  Sorry if you drive an SUV, but you can guess my meaning by that.

Praise God, the back part of our backyard is fenced off for the sheds and our landlord’s camper.  The kids are never back there, and I’m rarely out there.  As it happened, I was vacuuming and listening to my MP3 player at the time and didn’t even hear the crash.  When I turned the vacuum off, McAwesome looked out the sliding glass door and said Mr. Landlord was here.  I looked and thought, Ummmm…no. 

I went out and the two teens were already out of the truck.  They said they were okay, but the passenger had cactus in his arm and chest (the passenger’s door was in the cactus).  I went inside to get some gloves to help pull the cactus out, Hero called Daddy-man, and when I got back outside, one sheriff’s car was there and another was pulling up.  Within minutes, my husband, an ambulance and fire truck were on the scene. 

So that’s what happened.  I’m not sure yet about how things are getting fixed, but that will come.

Oh, and last night our church van was in an accident!  No one was hurt, but everyone was pretty shook up.

So…not really in the mood to drive any time soon :)


  1. Three words: single. young. males.

    Glad nobody was injured, especially kids who could have been playing in the back yard!!!

  2. Yikes! So glad everyone is okay!