Friday, August 13, 2010

First Week of School

Well, our first week is over!  I’m more tired than I thought I would be, and we couldn’t even do all of our subjects this week!  I guess it will take some time to adjust to the ‘new normal.’

I feel like I have so much to say, but then again my brain can’t even put it all together!  Hero is really enjoying his classes that are on the computer, and in his eagerness, he’s already 2 weeks ahead!  Granted, most of it is all review, so it’s not very challenging yet.

McAwesome can’t start his Language Arts until next week, so we just focused on Math.  Again, it’s all review, so we did 10 lessons without a problem.  We could have done more, but…I decided to take it easy on him!

The boys loved their first Astronomy class with Daddy-man!  It’s fun to see what they each pick up on from the lessons, and I’m looking forward to going over their notebooks as they complete them over the year.  They even already had a chance for their first (failed) field trip!  The Perseid Meteor Shower took place last night (or was it this morning?- don’t ask me, I was asleep!).  Daddy-man woke up a little after midnight to check it out, but there wasn’t much to see so he didn’t wake the boys up for it.  They were disappointed, and I read this morning that the best of it happened just before dawn.  Oh, well…

Here are some pictures from the week:

100_3194[1] Hero hard at work!

100_3196[1] Sweetheart Girl had to have things to do, too!

100_3198[1] Minion 1 playing with some magnets during blanket time

100_3199[1] Minion 2 trying to be as close to off the blanket as he could! I’m on to you, Kid!

I guess I didn’t get any pics of McAwesome- Oops!  Classic second-born child syndrome!

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