Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Sillies

In honor of our 9th Wedding Anniversary this Wednesday (the 4th):

When she says:

“It’s your decision.” She really means, “The correct decision 
     should be obvious by now.”

“Do what you want.” She really means, “You’ll pay for this 

“I’ll be ready in a minute. She really means, “Kick off your 
     shoes and find a good game on TV.”

“You have to learn to communicate. She really means, “Just 
     agree with me.”

“Nothing. She really means, “Everything."

When he says:

"I’m hungry.” He really means, "I’m hungry.”

"I’m sleepy.” He really means, "I’m sleepy.”

"What’s wrong?” He really means, "I don’t see why you’re 
      making such a big deal about this.”

(While shopping) "I like that one better.” He really means, 
     "Just pick one, and let’s go home!”

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