Friday, May 1, 2009

The Minions are 1!

Happy Birthday to Minion 1!
Happy Birthday to Minion 2!

Today the twins are one! Okay, so today is really an uneventful day, but we'll have their birthday party tomorrow evening with all the family. The year has gone by in such a sleep-induced blur, but let me put the highlights out there.

Of course, there was D-Day (Delivery Day), which proved to be extra exciting, because Minion 2 got stuck and I ended up having a cesarean. After a few weeks all was well.

The first time they smiled, but I absolutely loved it when they smiled at their big brother Hero!

When they laugh at each other! I love it.

Listening to them talk to each other in their cribs when they wake up.

I've not noticed sympathy cries from one when the other is physically hurt, but if one has hurt feelings, the other starts screaming!

Telling everyone one that I was in no hurry for them to start crawling, but inside I anxiously waited for it. Minion 2 made us wait until Christmas (almost 8 months old!). Minion 1 was Lazy Bones and took an extra month. They show no interest in walking.
*But I'm in no hurry*

Learning how to stay calm, cool, and collected when they both need you, but you just can't take care of both at the same time...okay, I'm still working on that one.

Watching them chase each other around the house.

Watching the older ones chase them around the house.

Chasing all of them around the house.

Reading everything I could find about twins, and then realizing that I mostly did the same thing that I have with the older three.

Devoting much energy, physical and emotional, to establishing a schedule, but learning to live with the days that Minion 1 slept while Minion 2 was awake, and vice versa.

But, the greatest highlight was discovering that twins are double the fun and double the blessing, and I just smile kindly at strangers who stare at me and mutter 'double the trouble.'

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