Friday, May 1, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

Sweetheart Girl got flowers from her daddy the other week. It's worth mentioning because it's the first time, and the story is just funny!

Daddy-man took Sweetheart Girl to her check-up, and when they were finished, he said he would take her to get a milkshake since she did such a good job. It should be noted that there were no shots, and to my recollection a similar offer has never been made to the boys. Sweetheart Girl said, "No, Daddy, I want flowers." Daddy-man, being the softie he'll never admit to, took her to Safeway, and found a nice little pot of flowers for a few dollars.

"Look, Sweetheart Girl, they're just your size!"

"No, Daddy, I want these," she ever so sweetly said as she wrapped her arms around a dozen pink roses.

They were as tall as she was, but Daddy-man said she was too cute carrying them around the store. She was so proud when she walked through the door carrying those flowers. We trimmed them up, and put them in a pretty vase, and left one out for her to carry around the house.

Sweetheart Girl has the best daddy in the whole world!

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