Friday, September 21, 2012

Hero’s 10th Birthday!

Double digits already!  What is happening around here?!?!

Hero has been looking forward to this birthday for a while now, and even though it seems like we just celebrated his 9th birthday a couple months ago, he says it’s been a ‘bajillion years.’

Hero is very into legos, and more specifically Ninjago legos, so we centered his party around that.  He invited a few friends over, and here are some pictures:



The spread- we had fun with the chinese/ninja theme


Pinterest may just be my new best friend!


Angry eyes everywhere!


Sword fight!



They made origami shurikens (ninja stars), and we also played a game where they had to find balloons that I had hidden around the house, pop them, and put together the pieces of a minifigure.  One team did perfectly well- the other team…well, everytime they popped a balloon, the lego piece went flying!  It took them a while to find all their pieces!


All in all, I think Hero had a pretty good birthday! 

Happy Birthday Hero!

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